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Alphabetical list of  freely available e journals

Agora International Journal of Juridical Sciences

AJOL African journal online- Law, Democracy and Development

AJOL African journal online- Mizan Law Review

ALF Amsterdam Law Forum (University of Amsterdam)

Applied Psychology in Criminal justice

Asian Pacific Law & Policy Journal

BJCLCJ-Bergen Journal of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice

Court Review (American Judges Association)

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy

Duke Law Journal

EJCL Electronic Journal of comparative Law

EJLT European Journal of Law and Technology

Erasmus Law and Economics Review (Italy)

Feminists @ law : an open access journal of feminist legal scholarship

GoJILGoettingen Journal of International Law

Harvard Law School Human Rights Journal

HHR Health and Human Rights  Journal

IALS Student Law Review

IJLT The Indian Journal of Law and Technology

International Journal for Court Administration

International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences

International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory

International Journal of Cyber Criminology

International Judicial Monitor

Indiana Law Review

JOAL  Journal of Open Access to Law

Journal of Civil & Legal Sciences

Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology

Journal of Law & Family Studies (University of Utah)

Journal of Legal Analysis

Juridica International - Law Review. University of Tartu (1632)

Law Review -International Journal of Law and Jurisprudence Online Publication

Lawyers Journal

LGD Law Social Justice and Global Development Journal

NAALJ Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary

Onati Socio-Legal Series

Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice

The Journal of International Human Rights (JIHR)

The South African Journal of Bioethics & Law

Utrecht Journal of International and European Law

Utrecht Law Review

Web Journal of Current Legal Issues (Web JCLI -United Kingdom Journals)

William and Mary Law Review